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The Business Basic Services (abc)

Provided by Earnest Advisory (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

The Business Basic Services (abc)

Accounting Services

We use Cloud Based Accounting Software and Add-on software to constitute Mini-ERP system to provide high value accounting services to our clients

  1. Set-up of Chart of Account
  2. Set-up of Accounting Process
  3. Monthly & Yearly Financial Statements
  4. Group Reporting Package
  5. Financial Analysis Report
  6. Estimation, Budget & Business Plan Preparation.

Tax Compliance

  1. Periodically Tax Filing (Monthly/Quarterly)
  2. Annual Corporate Income Tax Filing
  3. Company Tax Submissions to China Tax Authorities
  4. Individual Tax Submissions to China Tax Authorities
  5. VAT Refund
  6. Non-trade Tax Treatment
  7. Tax Clearance Service

Payroll & HR

  1. Payroll Calculation/Distribution
  2. Payroll Slip of Employees
  3. Compulsory Social Benefit/Housing Fund Calculation & Submissions
  4. Employment Permit (EP)/Residence Permit (RP) of Foreign employee Application
  5. Visa Application of Family Member of Foreign Employee
  6. Invitation Letter of Business Visa Application

Basic Bookkeeping

Removing the hassles of getting your books compliant to Chinese local accounting and taxation regulations.

Virtual CFO

By acting as your external CFO, our professional consultant directs and monitors your internal administrator to carry out the accounting and reporting activities. The advisor is there to make sure that your business is always on the right track.

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Assurance Based Consulting