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Assurance Based Consulting (ABC)

Provided by Shanghai Victor Voyage Certified Public Accountants Co., LTD

Assurance Based Consulting (ABC)

Corporate Advisory

  1. Market entry approaches & strategy advisory
  2. Feasibility analysis
  3. Tax advisory when company set-up
  4. FIE/FICE/RO Formation, relocation & De-registration
  5. Tax rate determination when company formation
  6. Company information revewal
  7. Company re-structuring

Special Working Accounting Team

  1. Historical accounting material clean-up
  2. Virtual financial controller
  3. Financial analysis of business plan
  4. Financial feasibility report preparation
  5. Financial analysis report preparation
  6. Quarterly & Yearly budget preparation
  7. Accounting system integration
  8. Internal control policies & procedures establishments & implementation

Tax Advisory

  1. Tax structuring when SMEs
  2. Withholding taxes (Royalities, Service Income etc.)
  3. Income repatriation strategy
  4. Transfer pricing planning
  5. Corporate tax planning
  6. Individual income tax planning

Business Assurance Service

  1. Annual statutory audit
  2. Special audit
  3. Business turnaround
  4. M&A support
  5. Risk management advisory to SMEs

Virtual CFO

By acting as your external CFO, our professional consultant directs and monitors your internal administrator to carry out the accounting and reporting activities. The advisor is there to make sure that your business is always on the right track.

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